The Otocoach Institute is accredited as the most leading, reputed and result-oriented Basketball Coaching Centers in Chennai. We take everything to make sure that you are at the very top of the game.

Our team of qualified coaches has been working for a while with top-ranking schools and institutions when it comes to basketball coaching. We have trained several children who joined our center to be selected for the state and national level teams on an annual basis.

We are focused on the development of the ecosystem of this sport from scratch. We are also oriented towards the development of a huge base of recreational players who after rigorous training are selected to play in the main competitive sports events.

Otocoach also strives to emphasis on a healthy lifestyle where there is an everlasting passion for physical activities. We do everything to instill in you that this sport is an exciting and very cool sport that is oriented towards health and fitness.

  • We make sure to develop more self-confidence, courage, respect, teamwork, concentration and good sportsmanship values for you in a loving and fun-filled environment.
  • Concerning Basketball Coaching in Chennai, we bring only the most modern sports training techniques and equipment to offer the best standards in training for everyone at very affordable rates.
  • BWE work with the mission of motivating youth participation in basketball sports and we do everything to guarantee that our students of all ages are trained to be very fit and mentally focused on this amazing sport. We do everything to emphasize the fact that all of our students who are future professional players are always in what is called the game mode.
  • Desikan Ledger

    Very good coach and excellent coaching for children and their safety. I like the way basketball and skating been taught for my children. OTO provides Best in class coaching for the following activities: Skating coaching | Basketball coaching | Athletics coaching | Silambam | Archery coaching | Table tennis coaching | Gymnastics coaching | Karate Coaching | Boxing coaching | Kickboxing classes | Martial Arts classes etc., Highly Recommended !

  • ARENA 360

    Excellent Coach

  • Ashwin Mahalingam

    Best in class Athletics & Basketball coaching in Chennai.

  • Horizon Andes

    $200.60 $227.96
    To be in a good shape is very important nowadays because our way of life isn't so healthy and active. Most of us spend endless hours sitting by the computer and it gives negative results very fast. We think that fitness is a pleasant and useful activity. It helps to be more successful and disciplined.