Chennai isn’t just an IT hub or a health capital in India. It is reputed as an important place of coaching for sports lovers especially in Athletics. Athletics lovers have plenty of opportunities to develop their love for this sport thanks to the Otocoach institute which offers the best Athletics Coaching in Chennai.

So what exactly does the word Athletics mean?

It is derived from a Greek word called “athlos” which means “contest”

Thereby it is perfectly fitting in a competitive sense for a person having a desire to improve his speed to run even farther.

The Otocoach institute operates state of the art professionally managed sports facilities and it comes with perfectly clean fields/ along with a team of trainers that has several years of expertise when it comes to Athletics.

As one of the prominent Athletic Training centers in Chennai, Otocoach also acts as a place of learning between new beginners especially children and respected members of the society to motivate children to choose their role models who will help the former to shape a good future in the society.

While also providing athletics training for beginners, Otocoach helps and motivates the future champions of India from the age groups between 6 and 18 years to participate in athletics in a world-class environment.

At Otocoach we want all our athletes to make the most of their athletic experience while at the same time we know how the health and safety of our athletes are that important. Otocoach strives to serve all its students to the best of its potential and ability.

Otocoach is one of India’s high-performance training centers that welcomes every aspiring young athlete to succeed in every competition be it at the city level or the state level as well.

We also aim to be the ideal destination for all athletes who want to participate in the Olympics and we are very hopeful of grooming the future Olympic champions of India. This is done through a focus on high-level standards of infrastructure and athletics coaching.

In short, we have some of the finest coaches who can help you to get a feeling of satisfaction and pride as you compete with other athletes in our sports facilities and come out on top.

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The Mental Game in Athletics: OTO COACH's Holistic Approach

Fee Structure


  • Age Group: 5 & Above
  • Rs. 1000 (admission fee)
  • Upto 25 people/batch


  • Age Group: 5 & Above
  • Nil(admission fee)
  • Upto 1 person

Personalized Group

  • Age Group: 5 & Above
  • Nil(admission fee)
  • Upto 8 people