OTO Coaching is the best center when it comes to Archery Classes in Chennai. At present, this sport is becoming popular with parents and kids. Further, this sport is adaptable as well so that you can check out all through the year. Archery sports help you to be trained in being focused and patient. Young people can improve their balance and deftness while building their trust in these sports. With this vision, we have honed our students to become medalists in various levels like District, State, and National Levels. We have also trained them to participate in International levels in a smooth and protected way. We have developed a course of action of channels to give wide opportunities to our students.

Archery helps people to focus on things that can help in boosting concentration. In Chennai, we have numerous Archery Training Centers and OTO Coach is the best at what it does. We offer training for both outside Archery and indoor Archery as well. We are devoted to making archery accessible to all students. So, whether you want your child to take up archery as a relaxing hobby or get them trained professionally, this is the best place for you.A visit to the OTO Coach Archery training institute in Chennai will take you through the real business focal point of the city. This center has been a part of the city’s lifestyle for quite a while. It holds a lot of history and you can get acquainted with all of them during this visit.

The OTO Coach institute is a fantastic place to learn Archery. It is something more beyond a sport. We provide indoor facilities and this is the place where kids can start their training. We also provide training for parents and people of all age demographics as well. This is indeed the best opportunity to bond with your child.

We have the expertise to groom young people into champions. This is indeed the best place for any youngster to get prepared to participate in interschool and interstate competitions. We provide bows and other mandatory equipment for beginners. Should your child be interested in continuing their training with us, they will have to buy their equipment for further training.

Getting Started with the Bow and Arrow at OTO COACH

Safety First: The Essentials of Archery Etiquette at OTO COACH

The Mindfulness of Archery: Finding Zen at OTO COACH

Fee Structure


  • Age Group: 5 & Above
  • Rs. 1000 (admission fee)
  • Upto 25 people/batch


  • Age Group: 5 & Above
  • Nil(admission fee)
  • Upto 1 person

Personalized Group

  • Age Group: 5 & Above
  • Nil(admission fee)
  • Upto 8 people