Speaking of Silambam, it is a martial art that is primarily associated with combat training and in particular with the weapon called Bo Staff. However, in advanced sessions, we will help you to get trained in Silambam by mastering other types of weapons aside from the aforementioned staff as well.

We orient ourselves towards teaching the older and classical methods oriented with Silambam in the current modern era. The goodness associated with consistent training in Silambam comprises enhanced memory, faster reflexes, hand-eye coordination, enhanced strength, endurance, balance, greater stamina, and a more healthy body as well.Apart from enhancing the physical health of the body, Silambam, if mastered, can nurture patience, self-discipline, politeness, and compassion for everybody.

  • OtoCoach's main vision is to offer the best Silambam coaching in Chennai both as an intensive sport and as a form of arts.
  • The faculty's dedication and commitment to this martial art will surely amaze everyone who seeks to get trained in Silambam. With our professionalism for this sport, we guarantee that you will be satiated once you join OtoCoach.
  • By committing yourselves to get trained in Silambam at OtoCoach, you can find this classical sport as a form of exercise and you can use it to showcase your talent as well as in self-defense for which it is primarily used. In the end, after weeks of intensive training, you will end up being more confident and brave as well to tackle everything that comes as an obstacle in your path called life.
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    Best in class Athletics & Basketball coaching in Chennai.

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    To be in a good shape is very important nowadays because our way of life isn't so healthy and active. Most of us spend endless hours sitting by the computer and it gives negative results very fast. We think that fitness is a pleasant and useful activity. It helps to be more successful and disciplined.