OTO Coach follows some unique ways to achieve the most extraordinary results for all its aspiring students. Our physical trainers will be present for every screening and will do their best to make the students even amazingly better. We understand that everything related to training isn’t just limited to muscles, energy, stamina, and other physical aspects. We emphasize the fact that it is also related to the mental conditioning of the body. Once you visit us you will understand that Otocoach is no doubt the best speed skating training institute in Chennai.

Visit us and find a mentor who will give in-person or group training for both adolescents and adults. The training can also be customized based on your needs like location, cost, and timings. Book a free groundwork and get ready today for several sports that we have to offer like Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash, Running and Gymnastics.

Warm-up and exercises comprise a fundamental component of the training which has three levels namely essential, quad and inline. People are most likely prone to interface skating only with one structure. This progress will develop focus, particularly on leg contro.

  • We make sure to develop more self-confidence, courage, respect, teamwork, concentration and good sportsmanship values for you in a loving and fun-filled environment.
  • OtoCoach has several branches across Chennai and we are planning to expand even further by bringing new changes along with flexible advantages for our students with the latest equipment and the best trainers to coach them.
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    Very good coach and excellent coaching for children and their safety. I like the way basketball and skating been taught for my children. OTO provides Best in class coaching for the following activities: Skating coaching | Basketball coaching | Athletics coaching | Silambam | Archery coaching | Table tennis coaching | Gymnastics coaching | Karate Coaching | Boxing coaching | Kickboxing classes | Martial Arts classes etc., Highly Recommended !

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    Excellent Coach

  • Ashwin Mahalingam

    Best in class Athletics & Basketball coaching in Chennai.

  • Horizon Andes

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    To be in a good shape is very important nowadays because our way of life isn't so healthy and active. Most of us spend endless hours sitting by the computer and it gives negative results very fast. We think that fitness is a pleasant and useful activity. It helps to be more successful and disciplined.