As thrilling as archery can be, it’s vital to remember that a bow and arrow is, essentially, a weapon. At OTO COACH, we prioritize safety, ensuring every archer respects the range and each other.

Know the Range Rules

Before every session

  • Ensure your bowstrings are intact and not frayed
  • Check arrow shafts and tips for any damage

Mindful Shooting

Never point an arrow at anything you don’t intend to shoot. Also, only nock your arrow when you’re on the shooting line and it’s your turn

Listening to the Coach

Your instructors at OTO COACH are there to guide and ensure safety. Trust their expertise, follow their advice, and never hesitate to ask questions.


Safety is a collective responsibility. By adhering to these guidelines, you ensure that everyone enjoys the sport without any mishaps. Safe shooting and see you on the range at OTO COACH!