A Step-by-Step Introduction

Kickboxing transcends the realm of mere martial arts; it’s a dynamic and holistic workout regimen that targets every facet of your physical fitness. From lightning-fast jabs to powerful kicks, every movement in kickboxing engages multiple muscle groups, delivering a comprehensive and effective workout experience.

Three Basic Moves to Begin with

The Jab:
As the cornerstone of kickboxing, mastering the jab is essential for executing effective combinations and controlling the flow of the fight.

Roundhouse Kick:
Versatile and powerful, the roundhouse kick is a fundamental technique that can be utilized for both offensive and defensive purposes, making it a crucial element of any kickboxer’s arsenal.

Front Push Kick:
A fundamental defensive move, the front push kick is an effective tool for creating distance between yourself and your opponent while maintaining control of the fight.

What Sets OTO Apart?

At OTO COACH, we differentiate ourselves through our meticulous attention to detail when it comes to form, posture, and technique. Our expert instructors ensure that every student not only learns the basics of kickboxing but masters them with precision and finesse. Each session is thoughtfully designed to gradually progress students’ skill levels while prioritizing safety and enjoyment.


Embark on your journey into the world of kickboxing with confidence by enrolling in our foundational courses at OTO COACH. It’s time to establish a robust groundwork for your martial arts journey, setting the stage for future growth and mastery in the exhilarating sport of kickboxing. Join us and discover the thrill of mastering the basics with OTO COACH!